Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?

Signing up and getting started is FREE and easy. There are no fees or big hurdles. Click the Sign Up button and register as an affiliate. Once you've entered all of your information, please wait for a follow up email from Full Moon confirming your account. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 72 hours, please contact us here.

If I don't have a website, can I still participate and make money?

A website is a great place to promote your Affiliate link, but you can also use social media and your mailing list. Feel free to sign up and promote your link via Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and wherever you can post your link.

How much do I get paid?

You will receive 20% of any sales that you send to for both subscriptions and for merchandise such as DVDs, posters, dolls, etc... You will get paid out once per week as long as your payout amount is $50 or more. If your payout does not equal $50 or more at the end of the week, it rolls over into the next week. Eventually, you'll get that $50+ goal! And you will get paid.

Who pays me?

BalancedPayments is the billing company used for BalancedPayments also handles our affiliate tracking and payouts.

When do I get paid and how much?

We have a minimum payout of $50 per payment. BalancedPayments sends out affiliate pay outs once per week, as long as the payout is $50 or more.

Is our system secure and why do I need to provide my bank account and routing numbers?

In order to receive payments from BalancedPayments they require information such as name, address, bank account and routing numbers. Make sure to fill out this information in the Payout Settings area of the My Account section. This information is only stored on BalancedPayments's secure system. Full Moon does not have access to your banking information or other private details.

What are the promotional tools, and how do I use them?

Your account on (this site) gives you access to various tools you can use to promote our site and products. The tools include banners, videos, images, and links. Use these tools to promote FMS from your websites, blogs, social networking, etc...

What are referral links?

Once you enter your BalancedPayments affiliate ID on the My Account page on this site, the referral links will be created for you that include your BalancedPayments affiliate ID in them. Using these referral links on your site(s) to send visitors to is how our system knows to credit you for your sales. Simply copy the HTML code from the various promotional tool pages, and paste them into your own sites.

How do I manage my affiliate account - Address change, payment info, etc...?

To manage your payment information, address, track your sales, etc... please go to the My Account area of this site.

How do I cancel my affiliate account?

You may stop being a Full Moon Streaming affiliate at any time. There are no hidden fees or penalties. You are not obligated to participate for any particular amount of time. It is just as easy to stop as it is to sign up. There are also no drawbacks or costs to continuing your account.